Decorate with Cushions and Pillow Covers Indoor & Out by Luz


Many people use seat cushions outdoors to help brighten up their lawn household furniture, patios, decks, and virtually any other outdoor places where they spend their time frequently. Not just do they supply you with a little bit of style but they also help you to make your home furniture comfortable. Think about, you should get the ideal of both worlds.


Outdoor Cushions

A single important factor in keeping your outdoor seat cushions looking great is usually to retain them clean and away from the rain and other extreme weather circumstances. They will very conveniently stain and trap scents. If this actual occurs, generally there is very easy way to completely clean your outdoor cushions.


To get rid of stains and dirt, you can simply use of a scrubbing brush and a mixture of clean up liquid with water. While you are rinsing the cushions, you should continue to scrub these people with the clean drinking water. Dry the cushions away with a dry hand towel or cloth. It certainly is not a bad idea to allow the cushions dry in the sun. This can help to air away any odors that contain recently been trapped inside. This is going to usually take with regards to a working day if you had to soak them completely. In the event you still notice stench, you can spray all of them with a little textile freshener, or sprinkle these people with a powder structured freshener then vacuum. Following this process is completed, your seat cushions should certainly seem to be like new. Most of the people clean their cushions during the spring and autumn seasons to keep them looking nice and clean.

If you are new and going first time to change your outdoor seat cushions, you can get ideas by checking our showroom at Luz Custom Curtains & Upholstery. We allow you to get customized style and size of cushions and pillow covers for your outdoor and indoor furniture. Customized covers and cushions can easily fit into your various types of patios.

Indoor Cushions

If you want to give a new fresh look to your indoor furniture like sofas, dining room chairs, stools, pin-cushions, pillows, benches and any other stuff in between then It is good idea to change the covers of whole furniture. Use high quality covers for covering your indoor furniture. If your furniture is unique in size and you are unable to find ready-made sizes of cushions in your favorite style then still don’t worry because many companies now offers custom indoor cushions and covers that completely fulfill your needs. These custom made cushions are durable because of their high quality fabric. In the design point of view, those cushions are outstanding and will get a new look to decorate your bedrooms, living room and even kitchen. There are many styles and designs available to choose from like modern or vintage style indoor cushions and pillow covers.


Pillow Covers


Pillows are used to make our stay more comfortable in our home. You can use pillows indoor as well as outdoor. In pillows, comfort in the highest priority but with the comfort their cover also give you an amazing decorative look.

Outdoor Pillow Covers / Cushions

Outdoor pillows mostly used in the patio furniture and on garden benches which are vary in their sizes and styles but custom outdoor cushions are completely suitable for every type of patios, benches and chairs. sunbrella outdoor pillows are very famous because they are reliable, durable, available in various colors and sunlight or other outdoor weather changes does not affect them.


Indoor Pillow Covers / Cushions

Indoor cushions are made for sit on the living room to chit chat with friends, guests and family members. Every comfortable chair and sofa has cushion seat and another cushion to hold your back. So in one hand indoor cushions give you comfort and on the other hand you can utilize them to decorate your bedroom or living room.

Bedroom also has pillows and your pillows design, color and theme should match with your bed-sheet and curtains. So you can buy custom made indoor pillows and their custom covers that match with your overall bedroom decorative theme. I hope you get my point.

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How to Clean Cushions and Pillow Covers

First of all it is very rare when your cushions get dirty because they avoid external mud and dirt where possible but after using them long time you need to clean them properly. You will find that it's dirty and requires a wash so you can wash them to use again. It is the proof enough. Hence, the largest and the most evident good thing about covers is that it can help you keep up the pillows neat and tidy with no difficulty.

Secondly, it offers added cushion for your head. The pillow cover is constructed of cloth and it just helps you feel convenient when you rest your head on the pillow.

Pillow covers and cushions helps you to safe your furniture as well as you can use them decorative purpose. Decoration of your room is totally depends on your furniture exterior color and design which can be only achieved by using fancy and matching covers that suits theme of your room.

However, if you're moving in for pillow addresses, you can choose distinct fabrics which range from silk or natural cotton to even jute in the event that you happen to just like the same. Thus giving you the capability to customize the pillow to fit your personal requirements regardless if it is incredibly wacky and unconventional.


If you are from New Orleans, or from anywhere near New Orleans then we would recommend you to visit us at Luz Custom Curtains & Upholstery to request for your high quality and durable custom made cushions and pillow covers estimates. You can also visit us to check for our Sunbrella and different fabrics in our showroom. we hope you will find them best. You suggestions and comments are always more than welcome. Stay tuned for more home decorations tips and tricks ;)