The transformation of a recliner chair by Luz

Chairs are such a personal issue. How bad is the condition of the chair? Is the vinyl getting old? No worries. There is a professional out there in New Orleans that can handle anything. If it’s a recliner chair you are really attached to, you might want to entrust it to the hands of a good furniture restorer, such as Luz custom curtains & upholstery who specializes in turning salvaged furniture into masterpieces. Committed to all the details, from removing old covering. removing the staples, removing the fabric, replacing the stuffing, fixing broken dowels, taking care of all the tucks, pleats, folds – this is a restoration service that is all about professional reupholstering, and bringing your beloved old chair back to life! Check out the following video and see for yourself how they can revamp a chair in no time!

A Refreshing Reupholstered Swivel Chair by Luz


One of the biggest furniture investments you’ll make is a chair. How about dressing  up your old one and make it feel at home?. Give your chair a dose of style by a reupholstered look. With a selection of thousands of designer fabrics you can completely change the look and make it into a whole new piece that you’ll be able to use for many years to come. Check out the following video makeover of a retro chair that needed a fresh start. The only thing the owners weren’t happy about was the old upholstery. The new version features a beautiful fabric upholstery with a floral print. Now it’s a happy-looking chair.

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